Welcome to our practice. 

Sometimes the first step forward is allowing your story to be heard.

"When I have been listened to and heard, I am able to re-percieve my world in a new way and go on"
-Carl Rogers

You don't need to carry the weight on your own. 
We are here to journey with you.

It takes courage to step outside of our struggles and seek support, we are here to help you take that step.

As a team we believe that mental health should be preventive and supportive; we go to our doctors when we need a check up why not approach counselling in the same way and take the step towards overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

  • We work with adolescents and adults.
  •  Individual counselling for a wide variety of mental health issues ranging from anxiety, depression, self esteem, stress, self harm, grief, relationship issues, life transitions and trauma. 
  • We are client centered and endeavor to provide a nonjudgemental space for clients to work towards thier goals.
  • We are welcoming to all and provide services to everyone regardless of religious beliefs, race, gender, sexual orientation. 

You are worth it. 

Our Office

We are located at 101-1132 College Dr. in the J.B. Black building. Our entrance is behind the building, at the opposite end of the building from the Eye Gallery. 

Parking is avialable, please park in stalls marked Urban Equity Customer Parking

Notice to Clients

As of July 12, 2021:
Masks are currently still required for in person sessions. 
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 
More information on how to schedule online sessions below.
                                             To access online video sessions simply schedule an appointment online or contact your counsellor directly. 
 COVID-19 protocol:
*Screening forms will be sent out prior to your session. 
To access online video sessions simply schedule an appointment online or contact your counsellor directly.      
For online appointments:
Simply log into the online platform and schedule your appointment time. 
 If you choose online counselling, please schedule as usual using the video link option, 
and you will receive the online link with your confirmation and reminder emails. 
This will work using a phone, desktop, laptop or tablet. 

*Please contact your counsellor for more information*
We are here to support you.    

With COVID-19  at the forefront of many of our minds and this can cause increased anxiety and concern about personal risk. The first step in managing this type of anxiety is to talk about it and in educating ourselves. Please find the following link on "Coronavirus: Managing Stress & Anxiety"

Intern coming soon!

We are excited to welcome 
Marley Berge to our practice. Link to her calendar for appointments  marley.berg@neudorfcounselling.

Cindie Neudorf

Master of Arts Counselling Psychology
Canadian Certified Counsellor

Hannah Povey

Masters of Counselling
Canadian Certified Counsellor